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Vicky’s Box Fit Story

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Vicky's Box Fit Story

When Vicky started training with Totally Smashed It, she was 16 stone 12 lbs, had low self-esteem and suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Vicky also struggled with severe back pain but decided enough was enough!

Since December 2018, Vicky has lost an incredible 3.5 stone and has learnt more than just boxing skills.  She’s conquering her anxiety, discovering herself and taking part in a monumental life journey. This is Vicky’s Box Fit story.

When did you join Totally Smashed It and why did you start Box Fit?


Steve encouraged me to try Box Fit. I started personal training with him at the beginning of December 2018 and he got me to start Box Fit in February this year. He said it would benefit me to increase my exercise. I’ve never tried or done anything like that before. The thought of going to a class by myself filled me with terror if I’m honest. I’m not very good in groups or with strangers, but now I’ve learnt that skill. The first class was quite massive for me!

So, this was the first group exercise class that you’ve done?


This was the first-ever. I’ve never done any kind of Box Fit or Zumba. I’ve always thought I’d really like to try yoga, but I never had the guts to actually go. It frightened me quite a lot. But, when Steve tells you to do something, you kind of do.

Tell me about your journey to Totally Smashed It. What was your motivation for starting personal training with Steve?


There’s a lady at school and she was training with Steve before me. She was one of the people that I always noticed around the school. She had the same build as me and was a similar size to me. Then she just went from being the same size as me to looking incredibly fit. I was friends with her on Facebook so I used to see her fitness journey. One day she put a post on about one of her sessions with Steve. I commented on the post saying, “Oh wow I really need someone to kick my butt, as you’ve had!”  Steve contacted me and said, “I’ll be happy to see if it works with you.” I was really nervous. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

The biggest thing that I kept telling myself I needed to go to him for, was my back. I’ve had back issues since I was about 15. I’ve got a very weak lower spine. I was waking up in a lot of pain. It used to take me about an hour to two hours in the morning to be able to release my back enough to put shoes on. So that was another massive reason for me to go to him. It was one of those pivotal moments where I thought, “If you don’t do this you’re going to just keep being in pain.”

vicky before - box fit story

Improving your lower back strength was a big goal then, but you’ve obviously lost a lot of weight too, so was that a goal as well?


I hoped to lose weight. I said to Steve that I wanted to be stronger physically but also mentally. To be stronger in the mind. Which is a difficult thing to say.

I hoped that it would help me, because a lot of the time when I’m bigger, I have quite low self-esteem. If I’m in situations with new people or at work, and I’m big and can’t control what I’m eating, then I think people won’t take me seriously. I’m self-employed so you’re selling yourself. You’re selling your abilities and who you are as a person. But, I felt like I wasn’t confident enough to really sell myself for my job.

People look at you differently when you’re bigger and you’re unhealthy. People generally don’t feel comfortable talking to you or engaging with you. I noticed this a lot when I was bigger. And when I got smaller it made a massive difference. I think it was mostly confidence because I held my head up when I got smaller.

I have peaks and troughs mentally, which I think Steve’s slowly trying to figure out. That’s quite new to me too. Having someone who actually wants to figure me out. It’s comforting, but uncomfortable because I’m not used to having so much emphasis on me.

You mentioned that you were very anxious about going to the classes initially. How do you feel now after you’ve been going for several months?


It’s a lot better. It’s nice. I now find it a challenge. If there are new members to the group or more new members than I’m used to, it still takes me about 10 minutes to get used to the fact that there are more people there. But I’m finding it more interesting than terrifying. That feeling hasn’t gone, I’m just managing it better. And I’ve had quite in-depth conversations with Steve about that. He talks me through it. It’s been a really good way to learn crucial people skills that I should have learnt when I was a child. It’s really helped me.

It sounds like you’ve got a good relationship with Steve as a trainer. Do you find that makes a big difference to your training?


It does when you trust that person, especially when you’re having a panic attack. Usually, I just don’t want to be touched. I basically introvert. I try to get away from the situation, not because I feel awkward, but because I don’t want to hurt anybody. He’s taught me to accept a hand, which is quite big.

Steve’s like a mum. It’s hilarious. So, if I gain weight, it’s not like slimming club where they say, “What happened there?” He doesn’t do that. He just weighs you and he’ll say “Right, two pounds next week. Try a little harder. Go back to the way you were doing it last time.”

vicky after - box fit story

From the weight loss perspective, how much have you lost during this journey?


I was 16 stone 12 lbs when I first started. And now I’m down to 13 stone 5 lbs. But I was 13 stone 7 lbs when I had an update a few weeks ago. It’s a journey. I don’t feel down about it. It just comes to light that my stress levels and eating are linked together. So, I guess it’s just learning how to manage that.

It’s all such a huge achievement, isn’t it? That’s only since December?


Yes, but it just doesn’t feel enough yet. But again, that’s just something that I’ve got to work on. I can see my fitness levels go up. Even today I was able to do the sit-ups with a ball and games I would never have done before.

Do you feel like the experience has been life-changing or has it just been eye-opening?


I think the first visit I knew was going to be quite monumental. The journey. I didn’t expect it to be this monumental. It’s changed my perspective on health, eating well and the links it has to my mental health and my anxiety. It’s let me say “No” more to myself because I’m generally more of a yes person. It’s gotten me closer to understanding where my anxiety comes from and what triggers it. I think I’m learning more about me because I’ve got that time. It helps my anxiety because I have less anxiety when I’m training and going to Box Fit. So, I think it’s a massive positive for me.

Most of the time I just try and ignore everything. That’s why I overeat. Because overeating and thinking I’m eating too much is way easier than dealing with everything else.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting Box Fit?


Definitely try it with Steve, because he doesn’t just run a class, he watches everybody which I didn’t expect. He starts to learn everybody’s personalities and who works better with who. I like the fact that Steve never lets up. I’d say try all the trainers though and see who fits better. I’d probably say try different areas as well to see which class suits you best.

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