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Box Fit Classes

The good news is that Boxing for fitness is for ALL levels of fitness and abilities.

Personal Training

If group exercise is not your thing but Boxing Training is we can accommodate this by personal Boxing for fitness. You’ll get all the benefits and training the class gets but personalised to your needs.

Become an Instructor

Being a Totally Smashed It Box Fit Instructor is highly rewarding in every aspect, physically, mentally and financial.

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Totally Smashed it

Box Fit is one of the best ways to get in shape whilst looking and feeling fantastic, and you can achieve some amazing results fast!!

Whether you’re mad about boxing or you’re just keen to improve your fitness, get in to shape and feel great, Box Fit is an ideal way to achieve your personal goals.


Boxing for fitness

Start your fitness and body
transformation today!

Benefits of Box Fit

Box Fit is the best way to get in shape and start feeling and looking amazing and you can achieve these results fast.


meet our instructors

Steve Buchanan - Totally Smashed It - Box Fit Instructor
Steve Buchanan
Sarah Sharpe - Totally Smashed It - Box Fit Instructor
Sarah Sharpe
Rachel Sheppard
Robert Martin
Linsey Wilkins


It’s no secret that we think Box Fit is THE BEST way to get fit, lose weight and tone up quickly. But, don’t take our word for it. Below is a small selection of the 100’s of testimonials we get every week.

“I was nervous starting the classes as I hadn’t exercised for over 3 years but I absolutely love Box Fit classes with Steve, the whole group is really welcoming, friendly and supportive. Steve is a great instructor, really encouraging and pushes you to achieve your best!”

Hannah Lanch

“Amazing class ideal for beginners and experienced keep fitters! I work out regularly but after attending just one class I could feel it the next day”

Emma Good

“Being new to Box Fit and going to this class by myself I felt very apprehensive but Sarah made me feel at ease and she is always really encouraging when working out too. Can’t praise Sarah enough for the workout she gives us each week. If you want a whole body workout and to sweat like you never have before then I would recommend Box Fit. I always feel so energised when I come away from the class and can’t wait for the next one to come around.”

Gemma Mead

“Love Steve’s class!! It’s amazing! Thank you very much for motivating me and getting me to enjoy sport!! Love it! Steve is so supportive and understanding really helpful and the class is challenging yet fun! He mixes it up each week! Abs are defo my fav! Even if i do moan i love it! And even have my own pink gloves now. Thank you so much me and my friends really enjoy the class.”

Hannah Lyddon

“I'm really not big on exercise so If you are looking for a fitness class that will make you smash your fitness levels and whip you into shape this is the one! Each and every session is planned and curated so well and you really feel the effects (for days). An amazing combination of cardio, hiit and boxing that is always enjoyable. Steve is a great instructor who genuinely cares and that support is shared by the whole class! I couldn't recommend enough.”

Harvinder KB

“So much fun you almost forget how hard you're working out. ALMOST!”

Hazel Jones

“I was persuaded by my sister in law to try this class because she said it would be good for my bingo wings!!!I am one of those people that never like exercise and never last more than a couple of weeks at any exercise class. But I have been going to Steve’s class for a year and love it.
Steve is fabulous, completely motivational and really knows his stuff.
I would recommend this class to everyone.
I am wearing vest tops now!!!”

Tara Collins

“Absolutely amazing. Rachel Sheppard is an amazing coach. Love love love it. I’m addicted so much fun it leaves you wanting more every week.”

Sammi Lou McCarthy

“It’s been a year since I started Steve’s Box Fit sessions and I still can’t get enough! Steve is knowledgeable, friendly and motivating and each session is different and challenging (but in a good way!)
I love going every week and I can definitely tell my fitness is so much better compared to when I first started.
The group is fab, super friendly and supportive which makes working out all the more enjoyable! Can’t recommend enough and it’s honestly the best workout class I’ve ever been to. Definitely one to try! Thanks Steve!”

Jess White

“Tough classes but great fun and real results! Great support from a fantastic instructor and team spirit from all the class members to keep you going when it gets hard!”

Sharon Sknigle

“I absolutely love Box-fit. Each class is hard work, but you can feel the effects the next day & it makes you thirsty for more & counting down the days until the next session. I would highly recommend this if you want to get in shape with the added “feel good” factor.”

Liz Greenhalf
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