Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost per person varies dependant on location and instructor, but you can also buy a package to save money.

What time do you start?

We have day and evening Box fit classes and you can see the times on this link.

I’m really unfit and not done any exercise for a while, will I be able to do it?

Box Fit is for all levels of fitness. It’s an ideal time to start our Beginners Box fit classes if you are at the start of your fitness journey as you will be with other likeminded people.  You will certainly see and feel the benefits quickly.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you have Boxing gloves and Focus pads that would be great, but don’t worry if you haven’t as we bring enough kit with us. You will need to bring an exercise mat, towel and plenty of water.

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age is 16 but there is no maximum age. We have people in their 70’s attending Box Fit. However We are starting JUNIOR BOX FIT Classes in the near future. The range will be from 7 to 15, So your children can also take advantage of Boxing for fitness To register your interest in our JUNIOR BOX FIT please click here

Where are you based?

We have a number of locations. To find a Boxing for fitness class near you click on the link.

I have injury, will I still be able to take part?

If you have had an injury we recommend you get the all clear to exercise by your doctor first. Dependant on the injury, we advise you to take it slowly in the beginning so not to aggravate your injury further. We can also modify some things to help you.

How do I book a Box Fit class?

It’s simple, you can book your Box fit classes by clicking here