About Robert Martin

Rob started kickboxing and Lau Gar kung fu at Manchester University and ran the University club for a few years. After moving south, Rob returned to training with Totally Smashed It to improve his fitness levels. Rob just loves boxing and likes to keep a focus on good technique. “Boxing is the best sport for overall weight loss and fitness, but poor technique can lead to injury – either self-inflicted or inflicted by your opponent! I want my students to think about what they’re doing and why, even if they never intend to step into the ring.” “I also love my students to have a solid workout whilst having a great deal of fun and feel they have really achieve something from every class”! “My classes are hard but a lot of fun and you will be proud of the results you achieve”. It really doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, you will know you have been in a Box Fit class with Rob!

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