About Linsey Wilkins

Linsey started out in Karate and progress through her grading. However, Karate had to take a back seat when she started family. When Linsey’s kids hit their teens, she wanted to do something for herself that will enable her to get back to the level of fitness she experienced whilst doing martial arts, so she booked on to a Box Fit class and was completely smitten! Linsey said ” From the moment I started my first Box Fit class 3 years ago I was completely HOOKED! I’ve even gone on to compete in charity Boxing bouts”. Linsey is now a fully qualified Boxing instructor and has started taking Box Fit Classes in and around the Basingstoke area. “Now I want to help others Improve their fitness and have a lot of fun (yes I did say FUN!! ) from every Box Fit Class I teach. You walking fresh, but you will be leaving hot sweat and wanting more”!!

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